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Common Wintertime Heat Pump Problems in Newton Grove, NC

November 17, 2022

Winter is one of the seasons when your heat pump is in high use. As a result, the system may develop issues, hence interrupting your comfort. We will go through common wintertime heat pump problems in Newton Grove, NC.

Ice Buildup

It is normal for a thin layer of ice to cover your system’s coils when the temperatures are very low outside. A heat pump defrosts itself from time to time to ensure excessive ice does not hinder its functions. It uses special temperature sensors to kickstart the defrost function.

Large amounts of ice may sometimes cover your unit, making it difficult to heat your home. Common issues that may cause this problem include low refrigerant levels, a malfunctioning reversing valve, a clogged air filter or faulty blower fan blades. A service technician can help you repair these issues.

The Heat Pump Does Not Turn On

Your heating system may fail to turn on due to thermostat problems. If you recently installed a new thermostat, the device may not be compatible with your heating system, hence failing to communicate correctly. If you installed the thermostat incorrectly, it might also experience difficulties communicating with it.

Electrical issues may also cause your heat pump to fail to turn on, leaving your family in the cold. It is not advisable to do DIY repairs if you are not a certified technician. This is because you may suffer from an electric shock when you touch electrical components you are not familiar with.

A Faulty Reversing Valve

Your heat pump conducts both heating and cooling functions with the help of a reversing valve. This valve changes the refrigerant flow depending on the season. When this valve becomes faulty, it may not be able to supply heat to your home.

Do not allow an inefficient heat pump to keep you and your family in the cold anymore. Contact Cape Fear Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical for excellent heating services. Our service technicians will come with the right tools and equipment to restore your heat pump’s optimal performance.

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