6 Benefits of a Ductless HVAC System

April 26, 2016

As the temperature outside slowly rises, you revel in the idea of basking in the coolness of your airconditioned home. However, you know that with the soaring temperatures comes soaring energy bills. You’d like to limit your energy usage and save money, but you don’t want to sacrifice having a comfortable interior. You may have heard about ductless HVAC systems and how these appliances can keep your home cool and your energy bills low. Though these appliances may cost more than you’d like to spend, you wonder what benefits ductless systems offer-and if you can reap these benefits year-round. Here, we discuss six benefits ductless HVAC systems offer so you can upgrade to a system that best serves your needs.

  1. Saves You Money

Above, we mentioned that the more you use your home’s HVAC system, the higher your utility bills get. And since energy costs have increased significantly over the last few years, you need a way to stay cool without paying a fortune. When you upgrade to a ductless HVAC system, you can keep your home as cold as you want without having to pay a higher price. Ductless systems use less power than traditional systems, so your energy bills will likely drop over time. The systems also offer zoned cooling (which we discuss later on), so you only have to use the system whenever you’re in a certain room. If you aren’t using a room, you don’t have to unnecessarily use the air conditioner to cool down your home.

  1. Lowers Your Environmental Impact

Because ductless systems run on less power, your overall energy usage decreases. When you use less energy, you contribute less to the high demand for nonrenewable resources required to power your house. Additionally, most ductless systems adhere to Energy Star guidelines, so they give you added energy efficiency. These systems also use R410A refrigerant, a chemical compound best known for its zero ozone depletion potential. The fewer toxins and pollutants you add to the atmosphere, the lower your carbon footprint becomes.

  1. Installs Easily and Quickly

Traditional HVAC systems require you to hire a professional to properly install the appliance. And because these experts can have packed schedules, you may not be able to use your HVAC system for a few weeks. But when you invest in a ductless system, you can more easily and quickly take advantage of its cooling and heating capabilities. Though you likely still need a professional to help you install the device, the install is fast-so you can use the system much sooner.

  1. Offers More Flexibility Than Traditional Systems

Larger HVAC systems need to stay secured in place to run properly. Typically, they need to hook up to a power or fuel source of some kind, so you likely have to keep a traditional system outside your home or tucked into your basement. Traditional systems, then, force air throughout ducts in your home to cool or heat the interior. On the contrary, ductless systems are smaller and easier to move around and install. If you don’t like how the system blows air in a certain room, you can move it to another location. With this flexible feature, you can truly customize how your system cools and heats your home.

  1. Provides Zoned Cooling Options

Another reason ductless systems are so beneficial is because they offer zoned cooling. Essentially, ductless systems allow you to install a few devices in various rooms in your home. The system only cools or heats that room or zone to your set preference. If you and your family members prefer different temperatures in certain areas, each person can use the ductless system in his or her room to stay perfectly comfortable-regardless of everyone else’s likes.

  1. Improves Inside Air Quality and Your Health

Several reports and studies recently found that inside air can be more polluted than outside air. If you use a traditional HVAC system, you have to replace the filters frequently. If you don’t change out the filters, you allow more dust, allergens, and particles to float through your home’s inside air. On the other hand, ductless systems use multi-stage filtration to reduce the amount of pollen, bacteria, and dust in the air. This feature greatly reduces your exposure to illness-inducing particles, so your overall health increases.

As you consider whether or not to upgrade to a ductless HVAC system, keep the above-listed benefits in mind. Talk to an HVAC professional for more tips and information about these system types and how they can improve your home and lower your energy bill. You can also ask these experts to help you find a ductless system that works best for your needs and budget. Once you’ve had your new system installed, be sure to schedule regular maintenance services to keep the system up-to-date. For more information and advice about your home’s HVAC system, read through our other blog posts.

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