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5 Bad Plumbing Habits in Newton Grove, NC

January 23, 2024

Everyone has a few bad habits, but you may not think about those that affect your plumbing. They can lead to costly repairs that take a lot of time to fix and leave you without running water. Here are five bad plumbing habits for your Newton Grover, NC home.

1. Using Your Garbage Disposal the Wrong Way

Garbage disposals aren’t magic appliances that can handle anything. Many types of kitchen waste damage the disposal as well as the pipe below. Some of the things you should not get rid of via the garbage disposal include coffee grounds, eggshells, grease and bones.

2. Using Chemical Cleaners

When you have a clogged drain, using a drain cleaner might be your first instinct. Not only can the chemicals in them rust your pipes, but they make the clog even worse. They force the debris deeper into the pipe where only a plumber can find and remove them.

3. Rinsing Away Hair

Between shaving, bathing and daily living, your family produces a lot of hair that they rinse down the drain. The hairs wrap around each other in the pipe and build up to form clogs. If you want to avoid sewer repairs in the future, stop letting hairs go down the drain.

4. Flushing the Wrong Things

As your toilet is in a convenient location, it’s easy to view it as a trashcan and flush almost anything. The only things you should ever flush are human waste and toilet paper. Paper towels, napkins, feminine hygiene products, dental floss and beauty or personal care wipes can clog sewer lines, septic tanks and pipes.

5. Ignoring Drains

Ignoring drains is easy to do because you may believe that small problems will go away on their own. However, try to take care of any small problem before it becomes a more expensive one. When you see water backing up in your tub or water taking a long time to drain out of your shower, call a plumber.

Practicing good plumbing habits will keep your system in good shape. Stop using chemical cleaners, ignoring drains, rinsing hair down the drain, putting the wrong things in your garbage disposal and using your toilet to get rid of trash. Call Cape Fear Air Conditioning in Newton Grove, NC to schedule plumbing repair services. We can fix the damage your bad habits caused.

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