high bills due to inefficient furnace

3 Symptoms of an Inefficient Furnace in Durham, NC

December 6, 2021

In most homes, furnaces are a necessary appliance with which to heat the house. For your furnace to work properly and efficiently, you must know what symptoms can indicate an inefficient furnace. Read on to understand the symptoms of an inefficient furnace in Durham, NC.

A Sudden Increase in Monthly Heating Bills

Sudden increases in heating bills are often due to inefficient furnaces. This often leads to increased energy costs, which can be crippling for some people or families.

For example, if you have a family of four and you have an inefficient furnace, the cost of your heating bill could be as high as $500 per month. On the other hand, an efficient furnace may cost only $200 per month.

The best way to ensure that your furnace runs efficiently is to schedule a tune-up annually. A tune-up involves having your furnace cleaned and optimized by a professional, who will determine whether any additional repairs or maintenance are needed.

If Your Furnace Is Noisy

If your furnace is emitting an odd noise, it’s worth getting it checked out as soon as possible because there might be something wrong with the fan motor, leading to malfunctioning or complete breakdown. In addition, you may need to clean or replace your furnace filter and check the intake and exhaust vents for blockages.

The Air Coming out of the Vents Might Not Feel Warm Enough

It’s possible that your ductwork has some leaky areas or separated connections that allow cooler air from the attic to infiltrate it and then be distributed through your home.

If you’ve noticed a few of these symptoms, it might be time to call for an inspection from Cape Fear Air Conditioning. We offer affordable HVAC services in Durham, NC, and we have the expertise necessary to get your furnace back up and running as soon as possible.

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