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3 Reasons to Have a Heat Pump Tune-Up This Spring in Benson, NC

March 17, 2022

Heat pumps need maintenance, especially with the continual use they get here in Benson, NC. While homeowners may complete some tasks on their own, you should leave the bulk of any tune-up to a professional. Below, we give three reasons why you should consider getting a heat pump tune-up this spring.

1. Savings on Repairs

During maintenance, technicians can spot a wide range of issues with a heat pump, including dirt and debris build-up in the heat exchanger and coils, clogged vents, loose fans and loose wiring. If left alone, these issues can damage a system and leave you with a costly repair, so you can see how a tune-up saves you money in the long run. A spring tune-up also prevents breakdowns during the summer: the time when you least want them to occur.

2. Energy Savings

A heat pump without maintenance will not only break down more often, but it’ll also waste energy in between those breakdowns. Dirt and dust build-up, for example, can make it harder for the system to absorb heat from your indoor air, raising your bills with no discernible change in cooling performance.

3. A Valid Warranty

Maintenance allows you to delay a new AC installation, though it doesn’t guarantee that you avoid all repairs. Fortunately, if your system comes backed by a warranty, the warranty will cover those repairs whereas, without maintenance, it’ll become void.

A+ Rating with the BBB

Cape Fear Air Conditioning, Heating, & Electrical Company, Inc., will tackle your next AC service, including the tune-up, so call us today no matter where you live in Benson. We’ve been serving homes and businesses since 1973, and we know what it takes to keep them cool. Expect high-quality work and warm customer care from our family-run business.

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