commercial HVAC system affects employees

How Commercial HVAC Systems Impact Employees in Lumberton, NC

December 12, 2022

The environment in a commercial building influences employees’ capacity to work hard to achieve individual and organizational goals. This means that if you want the employees in your Lumberton, NC office to yield excellent results, you should ensure you have an effective and well-functioning HVAC system. Below are some ways commercial HVAC systems impact employees in Lumberton, NC.

Air Quality Impacts Employees’ Health

A poorly-maintained HVAC system does not fully filter out dust and other airborne contaminants from the office atmosphere. This situation contributes to poor air quality.

As a result, the workers develop allergic reactions like sneezing and frequent headaches. The contaminants may also trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Poor air quality in commercial spaces also causes unexplained fatigue and dizziness.

These health issues affect the employees’ productivity and ability to focus on their work. It also contributes to a high absenteeism rate as more workers take sick leave.

To avoid such issues, clean or replacing the HVAC systems’ filters regularly. You might want to invest in other solutions, like installing air purifiers to ensure that your workers breathe clean air and remain productive.

Besides increasing productivity, a clean, healthy environment improves employees’ creativity and crisis response. This means that investing in an efficient HVAC system will give you higher returns in the long run.

Poor Temperature Control Affects Their Comfort And Productivity

The temperatures in a commercial space determine how comfortable and productive the workers are. Complaints about temperature discomfort are more common during summer and winter when there are temperature extremes.

This discomfort further causes distress and underperformance. You are responsible for setting a room temperature that will keep your workers comfortable and productive. OSHA suggests that the appropriate temperature range for a commercial space is between 68 and 76 degrees.

Various factors, such as a faulty or improperly-sized HVAC system, could be causing uneven heating. Cracked or leaky ductwork could also be a culprit.

You can make your Lumberton, NC, office more comfortable by ensuring that the heating and cooling system functions optimally. Be sure to schedule routine HVAC maintenance.

During this service visit, the technician will inspect the entire system and fix the issues affecting its performance. They may offer suggestions for sealing windows or adding insulation if they discover drafts.

One of our technicians can also replace your commercial HVAC with an appropriately sized system if the current system is nearing the end of its useful lifespan. Installing programmable thermostats is an effective solution to uneven temperature control throughout your Lumberton, NC, office.

Humidity Control Improves Comfort

Poor temperature control also causes humidity issues in a commercial space. HVAC systems regulate humidity levels by distributing air within the office.

Low humidity causes dry skin, chapped lips and itchy eyes. High moisture levels can result in coughing, runny noses and sneezing.

If left unattended, high humidity can also facilitate biological growth and cause a bad smell within the workplace. This issue affects air quality and workers’ comfort since working in a smelly environment is uncomfortable.

Noise Causes Distraction

Employees concentrate more on their work in a quiet environment. However, an aging or poorly maintained HVAC system produces loud, abnormal noises like squealing and screeching.

Loose fan blades and broken fan motors are other factors that cause this issue. These strange noises distract workers and negatively affect their productivity.

If you are experiencing this issue at the workplace, schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to inspect the HVAC system. Our expert will identify and fix any damaged components causing the noise. Many modern HVAC systems feature innovations like sound-dampening technology to control the noises.

The functionality and effectiveness of commercial HVAC systems impact employees significantly. An effective system should regulate air quality, temperature and humidity to ensure that the building is comfortable enough for the staff. Contact the skilled technicians at Cape Fear Air, Electric, & Plumbing for reliable HVAC maintenance services.

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