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5 HVAC Upgrades to Consider for Your Pittsboro, NC, Home

November 15, 2020

If you are unhappy with the way your HVAC system is performing or think it could do more, you may be right. While there’s a chance your system needs replacing, you could need a system upgrade. If you’re a Pittsboro, NC, homeowner, it’s a good idea to consider some of the following HVAC upgrades before taking on the expense of installing a new system.

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats give you the ability to control your home’s heating and cooling from your mobile device. A smart thermostat makes it, so your system doesn’t run unnecessarily when no one is home. This allows you to adjust the temperature when you’re on your way home without wastefully heating and cooling your space when you’re not around.

Allowing your system to run for fewer hours a day can extend your HVAC unit’s lifespan. It can also lead to a drop in your monthly utility bills.

2. Whole-Home Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Home comfort is only partially about temperature. Humidity levels in the home are also a key component. A whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier can help you to get a comfortable amount of moisture in your home, which is typically between 30% and 50%.

In the humid summer, a dehumidifier can help to reduce the amount of moisture in the air so that the cooler surfaces in your home don’t gather condensation. In the winter, a humidifier can add some moisture to help you avoid the dry lips and throat irritation that can sometimes come with forced-air heating.

3. Home Zoning

Home zoning is another way to increase your home’s comfort while lessening the amount of strain on your heating system. Home zoning gives you complete control over the heating in each zone.

Home zones allow you to stagger the use of your system based on where you are during the day. If your family spends most of their time downstairs, you can increase the amount of airflow in that area while decreasing the airflow upstairs until you head there for bed. Rarely used spaces like guest rooms can remain unheated or uncooled until you need to change their temperature.

4. Air Purifiers

Having an air purifier installed in your home can help you to clean your air while you heat or cool it. This can reduce the amount of dust in your home and avoid a buildup of pet dander if you have animals.

If there is anyone in your home who has asthma, an air purifier can make the home far more comfortable and safer for them. Even if no one in your immediate family has asthma, statistics indicate that one out of every 12 people has asthma. That means visiting friends or relatives may also benefit from your air purifier.

5. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an efficient solution for your heating and cooling needs because they use the energy that compression, rather than a heating element, generates. The efficiency increase from this method lowers your utility bills while serving as a more effective way to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Heat pumps serve as both air conditioners and heaters, which make them a great all-around unit for temperate climates such as North Carolina. For the coldest days of the year, they can run in tandem with a backup furnace for a more efficient approach to heating. This is called a hybrid system, and it’s a great upgrade to make for your existing furnace.

If you aren’t sure which of these upgrades are right for you, we can help. Our team of licensed and certified HVAC techs can work with you to ensure that your home’s HVAC system is running effectively and efficiently. We can also upgrades that fit your budget and comfort needs. Whether you need a system upgrade, maintenance or repairs, call Cape Fear Air Conditioning, Heating, & Electrical Company today to find out how we can help you make your HVAC goals a reality.

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