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When the air blowing throughout your Fayetteville, North Carolina, home feels warm instead of cool, the atmosphere will quickly become uncomfortable. Take a look at some of the most common causes of warm airflow and how to resolve the issue.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Check that the thermostat isn’t set to "heat" or "on". If your thermostat is set to "on", it means that the fan is still blowing air even though your unit isn’t cooling the air. This results in your air conditioner blowing warm air out of your vents. Before you call an HVAC company for air conditioning service, double check that your thermostat is set to "cool" and you turn the "auto" setting on.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can contribute to a number of issues with your cooling system. One of these problems is warm airflow. When air can’t flow freely through the system because of a clogged filter, the compressor may freeze up, which means refrigerant can’t move through it. Additionally, it will require more energy to move that air, resulting in prolonged cooling cycles and higher energy bills. Change your air filter every month to avoid this issue.

Mechanical Issue

A problem with the mechanical components of your air conditioner can also lead to insufficient cooling. The compressor may be going bad or you could have a refrigerant leak, which means the system is unable to remove heat from the air within your home and transfer it outside. A damaged belt or hose within the system can also cause a cooling issue. An experienced HVAC technician can inspect all the components and determine what is causing this problem.

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