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It’s well-known that a furnace filter should be changed once every 45 days. However, your filters should be changed monthly if you have pets. For a lot of homeowners, though, changing it once a month doesn’t seem to be enough. Sometimes, even after two weeks, the filter looks like it needs to be replaced. Keep reading to learn why the furnace filter in your Fayetteville, North Carolina, home is getting so dirty.

You Have Indoor Pets

One of the most common reasons a furnace filter will get dirty so quickly is because of indoor pets. As your pets shed their hair, their dander makes its way into the home’s return air vents. From there, it is recirculated back to the furnace, thus clogging up the filter. The best way to keep pet hair to a minimum is to vacuum at least once every other day.

Dust Buildup

Another reason the filter will get dirty so quickly is because there’s a lot of dust in your home. Many HVAC professionals say the best way to extend the life of a furnace is to dust and clean on a regular basis. The less dust in your home, the better. Also, steam clean your carpets at least once a year to keep dust to a minimum.

Using a High MERV Rating Filter

Furnace filters with high MERV ratings are designed to capture more airborne particles than other filters. Because of this, they get dirty very quickly. These filters are especially ideal in homes where allergy or asthma sufferers reside, but they must be replaced more frequently due to the enormous amount of dust and dirt that they collect even over a short period of time.

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