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3 Sounds Your Clinton, NC, AC Makes to Tell You It’s in Trouble

August 10, 2021

If your Clinton, NC AC system begins making weird sounds, this can signify several potential issues. Here is a list of noises commonly associated with HVAC systems and what they could mean.

Banging or Clanking

Don’t ignore loud noises coming from your HVAC unit. Banging sounds suggest a broken connecting rod, piston pin or crankshaft clattering around inside your compressor. Moreover, your compressor could need an entire replacement. Clanking noises can mean your blower or fan has come out of alignment and is hitting up against other parts. If you leave a problem like this unaddressed, it could result in a much bigger issue within a short period of time.


Hearing a small click from your HVAC unit from time to time as it turns on is normal, but an ongoing click could mean you have an electrical issue on your hands. Quick clicking is almost always a sign of thermostat or control problems. Since electrical circuits connect everything electrically on a unit, problems can quickly expand to additional areas when left unresolved. You should find an expert to address this quickly.

Humming or Rattling

Generally speaking, the quieter the noise coming from your HVAC unit, the less troublesome it will be. A humming sound might not be a serious problem, though it still suggests something is loose within your unit. This can also mean twigs or leaves have made their way into the machine. If left undiagnosed, loose parts can end up causing further damage and electrical problems if they come into contact with other components on the machine. It’s always best to get your unit checked right away if you hear a suspicious sound.

If your HVAC unit has started making noise, don’t leave the issue unresolved. Contact the licensed professionals at Cape Fear Air Conditioning, Heating, & Electrical Company, Inc. to begin the AC repair process today.

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