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3 Heat Pump Noises That Mean You Need Repair in Benson, NC

December 18, 2022

It is not strange for your heat pump to produce soft noises while running. However, if your system starts making unusual noises that you have never heard before, you will wonder if all is well. Below, we discuss strange heat pump noises and what they mean in Benson, NC.

1. Banging Noise

If you hear a loud banging noise from your heat pump, the fan blades could be coming in contact with a foreign object, such as a stick, that has made its way into your outside condensing unit. Also, a loose component could come in contact with the fan blades as they rotate, causing this noise.

If your heat pump continues running while there is a foreign object or loose component, more damage may occur to other system parts. To prevent this, switch off your system immediately and remove the foreign object, if possible, or call to schedule a service appointment.

If you have a loose component, do not attempt DIY repairs because you may put yourself in harm’s way or cause more damage to your system. Instead, seek services from a professional.

2. Gurgling or Hissing Noises

You will hear gurgling or hissing noises if your refrigerant is leaking. When there is damage to the refrigerant lines, the fluid may leak and the perforations on the refrigerant lines may allow air to enter, resulting in gurgling noises.

Refrigerant leaks will reduce your heat pump’s ability to transfer heat into your home during the colder months. The leak may cause the system to run continuously, increasing its components’ wear and tear. For this reason, it’s vital to have a technician repair your unit as soon as possible.

3. Rattling and Vibrating Noises

Loose cover panels may rattle or vibrate. Loose mounting feet on the outdoor component may also cause this noise. Tightening loose screws and using rubber pads on the base of your unit can take care of this problem.

Air handler issues and overly tight coolant piping may also cause these noises. A professional can help you take care of these issues.

It is vital to act immediately when you notice unusual noises from your heat pump. Contact Cape Fear Air Conditioning for outstanding heating services.

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