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Everything You Need to Know About An Energy Recovery Ventilator

August 31, 2022

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) can become an essential part of the ventilation system in your Anderson Creek, NC home. They provide a fresh supply of air to your home and keep the air in your house circulating at all times. The following are some of the benefits of installing an energy recovery ventilator in your home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has become a huge concern in recent years. An ERV is an effective way of improving indoor air quality. It brings in outside air, preconditions it and then sends it throughout your home through the ductwork. It also extracts stale, contaminated air from your home while it brings fresh and clean air through the exhaust vents.

As a result, the outside air that enters your home through the ERV gets filtered, thus becoming clean. This improves indoor air quality because it reduces the pollutants in your home. A qualified technician from our company can advise you as to the right type and size of ERVs to help improve the indoor air quality in your Anderson Creek, NC home.

Reduced Energy Cost

ERVs are an effective way to help reduce your energy bills. This is because they reduce the energy used to cool and heat your home. This can reduce your monthly utility bills, especially if your home has large heating or cooling units.

Several types of ERVs are available today, including variable speed fans, so you can adjust them as needed for any season. The best way to save with these is by matching them with a programmable thermostat.

Better Health

Using a ventilation system that relies on energy recovery to filter and supply clean air into your home benefits your health also. ERVs effectively filter the air entering your home and remove airborne contaminants like dust and pollen. The result is a much cleaner air supply.

However, ERVs must be properly maintained to be effective. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you know how to clean and maintain your ERV effectively. If your ERV is not well-maintained, it may fail to effectively filter out contaminants from the air circulating in your home, thus leading to unexpected health problems.

Moisture Control

An ERV not only filters the air that enters your home but also removes any moisture it detects. Plants, animals and other sources inside your house can create and release moisture into the air circulating in your home. To help reduce extra moisture from the air, an ERV has a system that captures and removes it. This reduces the risk of organic growth and makes your home more comfortable.

Odor Control

Another benefit of an ERV is its ability to remove organic odors from the air. Odors in a home can result from cooking, pets or an unclean house.

An ERV can help reduce the risk of exposure to dangerous odors that result from chemicals or harmful bacteria. It uses a variable-speed fan to pull out the contaminated air in your home and replace it with clean, fresh air. This helps you maintain a pleasant and healthy indoor environment that keeps your family safe from harmful odors and allows them to breathe easier.

Keeps Your Furnace Healthy

Using a properly installed and maintained an energy recovery ventilator improves the overall health of your furnace. This is because it keeps your furnace cleaner by filtering dust, pollen and other contaminants that get sucked into your furnace system.

As a result, you’ll notice that your furnace filter should remain cleaner longer. This is important because a dirty furnace or air conditioning system can lead to higher energy bills and even cause your furnace to break down before its time.

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