What Everybody Ought to Know About Home Automation

What Everybody Ought to Know About Home Automation

April 26, 2016

As a kid, did you watch “The Jetsons”? The patriarch of the family, George Jetson, woke up every morning and requested his preferred breakfast from an in-wall unit that behaves like a 3D food printer and microwave. While he enjoyed his breakfast, he caught up on the news using either a wall-mounted or a handheld flatscreen. In many ways, the world of the Jetsons isn’t too different from contemporary life. Sure, you may not drive a flying car, but you can access virtually everything on your smartphone or tablet. And if you have a home automation system, that device also lets you control nearly every system in your home with a few taps. Before you invest in home automation, get to know the features and benefits these systems offer. The blog below discusses the essential facts you should know about home automation.

What Elements Can Home Automation Control?

Technology companies have devised ways to connect nearly every element of your house to a home automation system. If you can plug it in, turn it on, or adjust its settings, you can probably connect it to your home automation system. Of course, you don’t have to spring for the most expensive, tricked-out home automation system. Even basic, reasonably priced home automation packages will include controls for some or all of the following home features.

Your Heating and Cooling System

Imagine all the features of a programmable thermostat, and then make them accessible from anywhere. You enjoy that convenience with a home automation setup. Home automation allows you to adjust your furnace and air conditioner from your bedroom upstairs, your office across town, or your hotel room across the country.

Any Additional HVAC Features

If your HVAC system includes other appliances like a humidifier, a dehumidifier, or an air purifier, you may be able to connect them to your home automation system. You can read data collected by their sensors so you know the air conditions inside each room and the amount of energy the units use daily.

Your Smoke Detectors

Instantly check the status of smoke detectors in your home. Some systems also let you receive smartphone notifications any time a detector gets triggered.

Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check the status of your home’s carbon monoxide detectors and receive automatic notifications, just like you do with smoke detectors. Many systems also collect data about how much carbon monoxide has been detected in your house over time.

Your Lights

Connect every light in your house to your home automation system. Then you can turn off the porch light while you’re brushing your teeth before bed or dim the lights before watching a movie without getting up from the couch.

Your Security System and Door Locks

Link up any element of your home security system to your home automation software. You can view live security camera footage, double-check that you locked the front door, or close your garage from the airport before you head on vacation.

What Benefits Does Home Automation Offer?

Home automation offers more than the convenience of controlling and checking on your house from anywhere. You can also take advantage of the benefits listed below.

  1. Track Energy Use

Energy use tracking comes standard with many home automation systems. After your system has collected data for a short time, you can analyze the results and pinpoint ways to lower your energy use. In this way, home automation helps your home become more ecofriendly and energy efficient.

  1. Save Money on Utility Bills

When you track your energy use and adjust your habits, saving money is a natural result. You’ll notice lower charges on your gas and electricity bills because your furnace, air conditioner, and lights will run less. And because you can program and control these systems whenever you want, you’ll experience the same level of comfort you enjoy now.

  1. Simplify Your Daily Routine

A home automation system lets you set up a schedule for your house, meaning you have fewer tasks to perform during your daily routine. For example, you can program your furnace to turn on at 6:30 every morning along with the lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Then you can have them turn off right at 8:00 when you leave the house and have the door lock automatically behind you.

  1. Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind

You can’t really measure the emotional effects of a home automation system, but these benefits are hard to deny. Many people just feel more secure knowing they can monitor and control important features in their home from anywhere. You’ll say goodbye to nagging, annoying thoughts about whether you forgot to lock the door or turn off the lights. Home automation sounds like a feature from the future, but a smart and connected house is within your reach today. Talk to an HVAC professional about installing a home automation system at your residence.

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