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Is It Time to Invest in a New AC for Your Lillington, NC, Home?

April 20, 2023

One of the most difficult choices you’ll have to make as a Lillington, NC, homeowner regarding your AC is when to replace your outdated system with a new system. Although a new air conditioner can be a significant expenditure, so can the expenses of continuing repairs and running an outdated, inefficient HVAC system. Here are six warning signs to help you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioning system.

Your System Is Old

Unlike other equipment in your house, air conditioning compressors stay outside. As a result, they are vulnerable to harsh weather factors such as extreme temps and precipitation during the colder months. The severe weather conditions significantly reduce the unit’s lifetime by causing rusting and corrosion.

Older air conditioners can last 10 to 12 years, while modern versions may last 15 to 20 years due to improved efficiency and more contemporary materials. The life of a unit is heavily influenced by several factors, including proper HVAC maintenance. If your system is nearing the end of its useful life or has outlived its useful life, it may be time to contemplate replacement.

You’re Facing Costly Repairs

When faced with costly AC repairs, you should balance the expenses against the price of a new system. If the repair expenses would cover a significant portion of the price of a new unit, and particularly if your air conditioning system is exhibiting any of the other symptoms listed here, it probably makes more sense financially to replace it.

Frequent Breakdowns

Does your air conditioner seem to be continually breaking down? Are you contacting a Lillington, NC, HVAC expert every month because your unit has developed a new problem?

These repair expenses can quickly add up, and continuing to make them on an older system makes no sense. Scheduling an HVAC replacement will save you both time and money.

High Utility Costs

An inexplicable abrupt increase in your home energy usage could indicate that your system has malfunctioned and requires a replacement. Unless there are significant changes in your home’s energy usage, your monthly expenses should stay consistent and only vary during the cooling season. However, your energy habits may be consistent, but you are receiving incredibly high power expenses.

A higher utility bill indicates that the system is losing effectiveness or has experienced a malfunction. Air conditioners today use 30% to 50% less energy to generate the same quantity of cooling as earlier models. Upgrade your outdated unit with an energy-efficient unit to save up to 40% on your cooling energy expenses.

Refrigerant Leaks and Moisture Buildup

A refrigerant spill can occur when there’s a malfunction or leak in the coils. These leaks degrade your air conditioner’s performance and may increase your yearly cooling expenses.

Moisture accumulation is also a potential health danger because it provides the ideal growing environment for microbial growth. As a result, if you detect leaks around your Lillington, NC, air conditioner, consider replacing it to avoid health risks.

Your AC Uses R-22 Freon

Freon is no longer manufactured in several nations, including the United States, as of January 2020. If your air conditioning system is a decade or older, it most likely uses R-22 Freon as a refrigerant.

Recent research has shown that the refrigerant is harmful to the ecosystem. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency is progressively discontinuing its use. This refrigerant is gradually being replace by safer refrigerants as systems are replaced.

HVAC replacement is important because a more efficient system improves the comfort of your living area while saving you money on yearly cooling costs. However, before you replace your unit, consult with an HVAC professional who can inspect it and advise you on whether an upgrade is necessary. Contact Cape Fear Air Conditioning for more information on when to replace your air conditioner or if you want AC repair or installation in your Lillington, NC, house.

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